What Does A Strata Council Do?

Buying a unit in a group housing scheme is an attractive alternative to buying single lot housing for many people. However, all owners are responsible for how the complex is managed, and this is usually achieved by forming a strata council, made up of owners and elected by them.

Under state legislation, there is a number of clear responsibilities assigned to this group of people. In large complexes, the administration of these responsibilities can become too difficult for the members of the council. In these cases, they often appoint an external management company to handle these operational and administrative matters for them.

Our company, WA Strata Management, offers these services to councils who find it difficult to keep up with legislative changes, and to establish and maintain the management systems necessary to run their complex efficiently. We take over these tasks for them, which allows them to enjoy the benefits of group living. However, the legislated responsibilities still rest with the councils.

Council Responsible for Conduct of Meetings

The council regulates the conduct and frequency of the meetings unless a meeting is called by a council member with 7 days’ notice. There are other procedural responsibilities regarding the conduct of meetings including keeping minutes of each meeting.

Specific Duties of the Secretary

Members of the council must appoint a chairman, secretary and treasurer from among their ranks, and the same person can be appointed to more than one of these roles. Specific responsibilities are attached to these roles. For example, the secretary is required to:

  • Prepare and distribute minutes of meetings
  • Distribute notices required under legislation on behalf of the strata company and the council
  • Answer communications and supply information as required by legislation
  • Call for nominations of candidates to be elected to the council
  • Convene meetings of both the strata company and the council

Role of the Treasurer

The treasurer is responsible for keeping accounting records, preparing statements, receipting, banking and acknowledgement of money paid to the strata company. Notifying proprietors of any contributions lawfully levied and preparing any certificates applied for under Act are also responsibilities of this role.

Councils can Appoint Professional Management

In a very small complex, these duties can be performed by council members who have some financial and administration skills. In most cases, however, efficient management is beyond the scope and experience of most councils.

Councils have the responsibility for all of these functions, but they can arrange for companies such as ours to perform them on their behalf. We have skilled staff, years of experience and knowledge of the legislation. Councils that engage WA Strata Management to keep their buildings running smoothly are assured that everything required by legislation is done.