Want A Greater Say In How Your Property Is Run?

Whether you are a first home buyer or an experienced property investor with a substantial portfolio, the decision to purchase any type of real estate is an important one involving considerable sums of money. It seems logical then, that someone looking for a property would take great care to investigate all the various ways to go about choosing the ideal type and location.

Property Hunters Spoilt for Choice

Along with all the other decisions to be made, it is often at this point that house hunters realise just how fortunate they are to have such a huge range of options available to them. Not only are there many different styles and sizes of property, there are also options around how titles are held and, in the case of multiple-lot dwellings, how they are managed. Having all these choices presents home buyers with a great deal of control in these situations. There is something for every taste, so that settling for something unsuitable is not necessary.

Lot Owners in Multi-Lot Dwellings have Decision-Making Powers

Buying into a strata scheme has an additional layer of control as it offers owners input into important decisions through their unique position as members of the strata company. They attain this position automatically by buying a lot, or a unit in the complex. Owners have voting rights at regularly scheduled meetings and may also be voted by other owners to serve on the proprietors’ committee or as it is also known, the owners’ council.

Some owners in small schemes choose to manage the administration themselves. However, it is becoming increasingly common, especially in large schemes, for the owners’ council to appoint a professional company to look after the management of the complex on their behalf. WA Strata Management is one such company, and with years of experience and a fully trained, professional team of strata managers at your service, we can handle all the details of daily management.

Burden of Administration can be delegated

We have up-to-date knowledge of the relevant legislation, ensuring that the scheme is operating within the bounds of the law at all times. Our strata managers handle all administrative tasks such as preparing financial reports, circulating meeting notices and minutes of council meetings, and lodging the required returns with the regulating bodies on time. Using our knowledge and expertise we remove the burden of regulation and administration so that lot owners and council members can enjoy the benefits of this style of ownership.

Generally, people buy into this lifestyle to reduce stress and enjoy extra leisure time free from the hassles of having to look after a large yard and garden. When you leave the administrative burden of this ownership style with WA Strata Management you can relax, knowing that our professional staff members are taking care of everything. Buying into a strata scheme is a great way to get an overly busy life back under control.