Tourism Growth Drives Demand for High Quality Apartment Accommodation

Chosen by Lonely Planet as one of the world’s top ten destinations in 2010, Australia’s south west offers remarkable diversity in a pristine environment only now being discovered by non-locals. On the coastal edge of this region sits the town of Dunsborough, a popular holiday destination for Western Australians that has undergone significant growth over the past ten years. An easy three-hour drive south of Perth, Dunsborough grew gradually out of a small settlement first established in the late 1830s, but not officially gazetted until 1879.

Whale Watching Just One of the Many Attractions in Dunsborough

Whale watching tours are just one of the tourist attractions that have contributed to the recent growth that has seen Dunsborough become quite an affluent area. Ironically, whaling was a large industry in the past with records of this activity going back to 1850. However, the whaling station has long been closed and tourists come to the area from September to November to see humpback and rare blue whales and their calves resting in the calm waters of Geographe Bay.

Other tourist attractions bring large numbers of tourists to Dunsborough at different times of the year, and this burgeoning industry has created a demand for luxury accommodation. Some of this accommodation is in privately owned beach houses and cottages, but more recently there has been activity in the strata titled unit and apartment market. Most of these are rented by tourists and holidaymakers and some are managed by WA Strata Management, a company dedicated to providing strata management services to body corporate/strata companies.

Cashed up Visitors Expect High Quality Accommodation

With the whole region brimming with all kinds of exciting activities to attract tourists, and the local authorities wanting to showcase these activities to tourists and visitors from across the world, the importance of having high quality accommodation has not been underestimated. Western Australia is still considered a remote location and this is part of its attraction, especially for overseas visitors from overcrowded countries. These are the types of people who expect to find quality accommodation when they finally arrive.

It is not enough for the accommodation to be modern. It must be well kept, properly managed and provide a safe and secure environment for the visitors on their return from excursions and sightseeing. Strata companies, whose responsibility it is to manage these facilities on behalf of the members of the company, generally prefer to engage professionals such as WA Strata Management to do this on their behalf. A professionally trained manager will have the facility running like clockwork so the tourists have a positive experience during their stay in Dunsborough.

Other unique attractions such as the HMAS Swan, a decommissioned frigate scuttled off the coast of Dunsborough in 1997, is now one of the world’s premier dive sites. Not only is it easily accessible to scuba divers, but it can also be seen by snorkelers cruising the surface, such is the visibility in the unpolluted waters. From the towering forests inland to the wineries of the Margaret River, all readily accessible from Dunsborough, there are enough areas of natural beauty and interest for tourism numbers and the new accommodation these visitors need to both grow.

While this type of unit development continues to be in demand, professional strata management services will also be required. Developers or strata companies looking for professional assistance should go to for more information.