Time Pressed Customers Need 24/7 Service

One of the most important lessons successful companies and businesses have learnt is to listen to their customers and provide the goods and services that are important to them. Regardless of what we think they want, it is only through open communication with our customers that we as a business actually know for certain what matters to them.

Account Access now Online 24/7 for Customer Convenience

We have taken steps to understand our customers’ needs and the most pressing issue they talked about to us is the lack of time they have to get everything done in normal working hours. We thought about that, and how we could improve our service delivery and the obvious answer was to provide them with 24/7 account access. WA Strata Management customers can now access information at a time convenient to them and the feedback we are receiving has been very positive.

This is not the only service we offer our customers. We provide professional strata services to hundreds of strata councils throughout Western Australia. Our team are dedicated strata management specialists and are committed to supporting our client councils through our knowledge and management skills. Our aim is to make the day-to-day running of their strata schemes effortless so that every member can enjoy their property and common areas and leave the rest to us.

Manage Accounts and Access Information at Your Convenience

The success of the 24/7 online access hasn’t really surprised us. Rather than just offering a minimal service, we strived to create options that gave the members access to everything they would likely need to manage their accounts. Personal profiles, account details, balances and transaction history were the essentials our clients told us they wanted.

We also included strata plan details, bylaws and rules, as these can become points of conflict when members either don’t have ready access to check issues or have not thoroughly read and understood their terms. Minutes of meetings are also available now online, and we work hard to keep these updated along with any relevant notices. The online access also gives us an excellent vehicle to keep people informed through strata newsletters.

Website Protection Given Top Priority

Every eligible member is issued with a user name and password so they can be confident that their information is only available to them. Site security includes the use of a “captcha code” which ensures the user is human and acts as a barrier to bulk spamming by robot computers. We make every effort to update our web technology to keep this information safe.

Whether it is the proper set up of your strata development from the beginning, or the ongoing management of an existing scheme, we have the experienced staff and established systems that you need. We invite you to visit www.wastrata.com and see what we have to offer.