Tenants and Landlords Both Need to Be Truthful

Property managers could be forgiven for thinking that being lied to is part of their job description. Our own intuitive radar has been telling us that for some time but now, evidence has emerged that supports what we have always believed. Both tenants and landlords bend the truth to suit their ends, and the property managers are caught in the middle.

Good Decisions Rely on Factual Information

In strata situations, maintaining efficient body corporate management is difficult enough without parties to tenancy agreements being loose with the truth. Our body corporate managers, by the nature of their roles, are always juggling competing priorities and when these priorities become skewed because lies are being told, it makes their roles that much more difficult. When they are also acting as property managers for in absentia owners, they need to be confident that any decisions they make are based on fact.

A recent canvassing exercise has proven conclusively that half-truths, excuses and straight out lies are told to body corporate managers without shame or hesitation by both landlords and tenants. It is no surprise to us that the lies and excuses are almost identical from one agency to another.

Lies and Half Truths Almost Universal

How many times have managers been told that “the property was spotless when I left it” when they are staring at a mountain of garbage left in the kitchen of a unit? Do tenants think they have never heard “it was like that when I moved in”, despite the fact that the initial inspection did not identify a fist-sized hole in the bedroom wall? Why would they not just contact us and explain the accidental damage, then work with us to fix it?

If tenants treated these situations with honesty and all other aspects of their tenancy agreements were adhered to, we would most likely still give them a good reference, or assist them with new tenancies when they needed them. By taking the cheat’s way out, they leave us with a poor impression of them.

Even Landlords Make Excuses

Landlords can also bend the truth when it suits them. Every agent has heard the words “there were no maintenance problems when I lived there,” or “the garden was immaculate” when photos attached to the initial inspection report showed a very different story.

At WA Strata Management we do our best to provide a unique service to the body corporate that will ensure the smooth running of the facility and allow the occupants to live there in quiet enjoyment of their unit. Being upfront and honest about any issue is always the best way to ensure this happens with a minimum of fuss.