Strata Management Solutions

When designing a strata management solution it is important to employ a team of specialists with a proven programme. Convenient body corporate management is within your grasp with WA Strata Management.

Every strata scheme has its own requirements. The basics, however, do not change. There are many issues to consider when setting up a strata management system. Arranging emergency maintenance repairs and sourcing providers is a drop in the ocean when you also consider you will regularly need to:

  • Prepare annual general meeting agendas and issue the notices;
  • Attend and/or chair annual general meetings;
  • Take and circulate minutes of annual general meetings;
  • Maintain records and files for the strata company and its owners;
  • Create and deliver an efficient maintenance programme;
  • Liaise with government officials regarding authorisations and licences; and
  • Ensure all regulations and decisions adhere to the Strata Titles Act 1985 as amended and the Strata Titles General Regulations 1996.

The service WA Strata Management offers goes even deeper than this by delivering the above as well as also efficiently managing and preparing all financial records for the strata company.

Financial Record Administration of Strata Management

Managing a strata company is like managing a business and the efficient management and control of the financial records of that business are essential to its success.

Founded on current banking technology with full strata management functionality, the WA Strata Management accounting system features automatic routine billing and fast levy processing. Regular services include:

  • Accurate budget preparation;
  • Precise contribution and levy calculation and distributing and receipting of same;
  • Management of trust account;
  • Accessible financial record maintenance;
  • Preparing sub-meter accounts for basic services of water, electricity and gas; and
  • Collecting and banking contributions under 36(2) of the Strata Titles Act 1985 as amended.

Convenient Ways for Members to Pay

To ensure the financial structure of the strata runs efficiently and to encourage timely payment from its members, it is important to offer a range of convenient payment methods.

We all lead busy lives with different priorities. With shift work, children, study, travel time and personal commitments to factor in, such as regular exercise, obligations to your children’s school or volunteer choices it is not always convenient for a member to pay accounts in person.

For this reason, a range of secure payment options is available. Members can pay contributions and levies via:

  • DEFT payment systems on the internet or via the phone;
  • BPAY;
  • Post Billpay;
  • Credit Card, using Visa or Mastercard; and
  • Post.

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