Strata Management 101

For the newcomer to cluster or group housing the world of strata management can be confusing.

Cluster housing is a term used to refer to shared residential living schemes consisting of three or more lots on the same land. This figure can expand to as many as has been approved for that particular property.

When you buy property within a development such as this, a Body Corporate will be appointed to oversee the management of the property and to ensure the common areas are in a good state of repair, as well as being kept clean and tidy.

Under strata management an owner will be responsible to pay body corporate fees that are used to administer these things and more, such as the payment of insurance.

The Body Corporate is made up of a Chair, Secretary, and Treasurer, all of whom will hold property within the strata.

There will be regular meetings held to discuss issues that arise and an Annual General Meeting is held once a year to appoint people to these roles and make decisions about what needs to be addressed in the following year.

It will then be the Body Corporate’s task to carry out any decisions that have been made.

Take the Worry and Care out of the Picture

Whilst it is still necessary for a Body Corporate to be formed to give all owners an arena to discuss issues and make suggestions about the property’s upkeep and other matters, a lot of the more time consuming tasks can be delegated to the best strata management team your money can buy.

The property specialists at WA Strata Management have a combined industry experience of more than 70 years.

We use this experience to take the pressure off you and your Body Corporate team when you appoint us to administer and oversee:

  • Financial management including Insurance
  • Clerical and administrative support and follow up
  • Maintenance and contract negotiations.

We can also assist with ensuring the relevant legislative requirements are being met and we advise on the legal necessities and outcomes concerning the operation of your strata scheme.

Our abilities and services do not stop with the residential market. We are also able to assist with mixed commercial and factory lots.

Whether you are in Karratha in the north, Margaret River in the south or Kambalda to Manjimup in the east we are able to represent you and your Body Corporate, offering great rates and service and, above all else, open communication.