Special Strata Management Services Available by Design

With thousands of strata schemes in existence with a varied mix of facilities, and Councils with differing compositions, it is inevitable that the range of services required of strata management companies will differ substantially from one scheme to the next. For many schemes only regular strata management services in compliance with current legislation will be required. For others with additional needs, there is a range of special strata services offered by WA Strata Management to organise and simplify the strata management process.

These special services are an opportunity to value-add to the regular services they provide so that the Council and the members can confidently leave both the regulatory and operational tasks in the hands of trained and experienced experts. Many strata schemes today have apartment owners who are absent overseas or interstate, and simply want assurances that the Councils are looking after their interests in the management of their property.

Strata Manager Handles Management of the Conduct and Reporting of Meetings

The additional duties that fall under the banner of special strata services take that one step further from the regular services and include items that have been negotiated with the WA Strata Manager. Management of the conduct and reporting of meetings is one of the key duties that are part of these special services. Preparing and issuing notices of both extraordinary general meetings and council meetings are handled by the strata manager, as is attendance at adjourned annual general meetings. Attending, preparing and circulating minutes of both extraordinary general meetings and council meetings are also included in this service.

Administrative duties are also performed on behalf of the councils. Keeping wage and related records, preparing and filing the associated returns, collecting and banking contributions and liaising with tax agents regarding tax matters and activity statements are all tasks that competent business administration staff would normally handle. Councils often find these issues beyond their range of experience, and would prefer for them to be managed as a special service.

Skilled Strata Managers Liaise with Legal and Government Representatives

Sometimes circumstances make it necessary to instruct and attend conferences with lawyers or to liaise with government officials regarding authorisations, licences or other issues. The WA Strata Manager is fully equipped to manage these situations and to implement Strata Company or council decisions unrelated to regular services. When repairs or inspections are required, the strata manager can also co-ordinate access to common property, making this role and the assistance it provides a very convenient and valuable service to the council and its members.

WA Strata Management understands that every strata scheme is different in some way with its own requirements. To give everyone involved the flexibility they need to manage the scheme efficiently they can offer to design a strata management solution to suit your special needs. Visit their website at www.wastrata.com to see the full range of services on offer to their clients.