Rock Solid Ethics Essential To Group Living Management

Strata companies are created automatically on registration of the strata/strata-survey plan when titles are issued. Subsequently, councils are elected by lot owners to protect their properties and to ensure the smooth running and operation of facilities and common areas. Most councils, especially in very large building complexes, delegate their duties to strata managers who have the organisational and administrative skills needed to be effective in this role.

Personal Attributes High on Recruiters’ Lists

In any occupation there is both a legal and moral requirement for an incumbent to act in the best interests of the role and the employer. Strata managers are no exception, and for this reason, recruiting the right people to look after our clients is a vital part of our role as a strata management company.

WA Strata Management has a structured recruitment process that enables us to have absolute confidence that our staff will do the right thing by the councils we support. This is a demanding role, and the people we choose must have a range of crucial skills and personal attributes to be selected.

Honesty and Integrity as Important as Skills and Knowledge

They must have a thorough and up-to-date knowledge of the legislation governing strata schemes, and especially of the specific duties that are assigned to a specialist strata manager. With much of the role being administrative, they must also have business experience with a strong focus on effective communication skills. While we emphasise these skills in making our staffing choices, we also look for evidence of integrity, honesty and reliability in candidates.

Strata Managers Must be Honest

The strata manager role is sometimes one of conflicting priorities, and we need people who can make sound business decisions based on merit. Those decisions involve considerable amounts of money when negotiating service contracts, securing quotes for repairs or getting the best value for money when renewing insurances and other contracts.

There can be no suggestion, for example, of a strata manager receiving rewards from a supplier or contractor in exchange for favourable treatment. Agreed financial procedures must be followed for receipting and accounting for money received on behalf of the council.

Honesty also Includes Ethical Conduct

The question of honesty is not confined to monetary concerns. They also cannot become involved in any request by an individual lot owner that runs contrary to the management agreement. While they can use diplomacy to smooth any ruffled feathers, they must be scrupulous in their efforts to act only under the instructions given by the council.

This is a very challenging role but one that can also be very satisfying. We employ only the most suitable people to keep faith with our responsibilities to our clients.