Multiple Payment Methods Encourage Prompt Payment of Invoices

With group living being one of the largest growing sectors of the housing market, apartment blocks catering to this demand are common. Now it is not unusual for several hundred people to be living together in what is almost a small town. This poses many challenges for those charged with the responsibility of keeping such a complex running smoothly.

Many strata councils find this too difficult without professional assistance, especially considering the large amounts of money involved. Unit owners pay levies to the councils to maintain the facilities and to accumulate funds for future capital spending. Receiving, securing and accounting for these funds requires reliable systems and sound knowledge of accounting.

Financial Management too Complex for Many Councils

This is just one of the reasons our services are in demand and our client base continues to grow. Our company, WA Strata Management, arranges the smooth running of every building complex under our care, making every aspect of the day-to-day operations carefree for the unit owners. This includes the financials, which are managed by our qualified staff and reported on to the councils on a regular basis.

Data Security a Major Component of our Financial System

A major aspect of providing this financial support is to make it as easy and as flexible as possible for payments to be made and recorded. We use the latest accounting software designed to handle the complex relationships that exist within the group living environment. This system uses the latest banking technology and it is regularly updated to ensure data security.

Flexible Payment Options on Offerzz

We offer multiple payment options, all accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. These are already widely used within the Australian banking and payments systems so customers would be familiar with their use, as well as how to access them. This allows individuals to choose which option is best for their needs.

Online and Phone-In Options Available

Online payments are made using the reference number on the invoice that tracks the payment throughout the process. This ensures the payment is applied to the correct account and invoice. For those not comfortable using the internet, a phone-in option is also available. Customers can pre-register their bank account details, then make phone payments, again quoting the invoice reference number.

Credit Cards, BPay and Australia Post – Customer’s Choice

Both the online and phone-in options accept credit card payments. Customers can also arrange to use BPay by contacting their financial institution and organising for the funds to be transferred from a savings or cheque account. Australia Post’s bill payment service is another method and there is still the option to put a cheque or money order in the mail.

Information about all the payment options is available on our website. Our clients appreciate the flexibility and know their funds are in good hands with WA Strata Management managing their accounts.