Moving Into A New Building? Follow The Bylaws And You’ll Fit In

Moving into a new area is always exciting and an excellent opportunity to find great new places to shop, eat, work and socialise. If you are moving into a large group living complex, there are even more new things to discover as you check out the common areas to see what sort of facilities are available to you.

Don’t Know the Rules in Your New Living Situation?

However, the excitement is often tempered with that lost feeling some people experience in the early stages when they are trying to fit in but lack the confidence to put themselves “out there”. They want to be acknowledged but, at the same time, are keeping a low profile in case they make some faux pas, real or imagined, that will embarrass them.

We see it all the time in our business. At WA Strata Management, we provide professional management expertise to our clients, the strata councils that are responsible for the administration of their residential complexes. Our strata managers perform the daily operational tasks needed to keep large multiple living arrangements running smoothly.

Bad Habits and Behaviour will cause Friction with your Neighbours

One of the issues they find recurring in almost every location involves human behaviour, which we all know can be difficult to manage. They are often asked to assist with disputes between neighbours over excessive noise, misuse of common facilities, parking or storage areas and the like. Sometimes these are the result of a clash of personalities, but often they are inadvertently caused by new occupants unfamiliar with the premises.

Bylaws are Enacted to Help People Live in Close Proximity without Disputes

Most of these disagreements could be avoided if everyone, especially people new to the complex, understood the bylaws and followed any directives issued by the council as a result. There are different types of bylaws, some established by legislation at the time the strata plan is lodged. Others are passed as resolutions by the respective strata companies once they have been established.

There are “exclusive use” bylaws which, as the name suggests, allows individual lot owners exclusive use of parts of the common areas. These must be passed by resolution without dissent. Bylaws may be amended or repealed, also without dissent, and any new or repealed bylaw must be registered with the appropriate authorities.

Bylaws Differ from one Complex to Another – Find Out what Applies to You

Bylaws can be made regarding an extensive range of matters that will be similar for many group situations but will also be very specific to individual situations. For this reason alone, every building complex should make their bylaws readily available to all occupants. This allows occupants to understand their rights to personal space and their responsibilities when using common areas.

When occupants take note of the requirements of the bylaws and follow the rules, living in a group occupancy situation becomes the safe, secure and pleasant experience it is meant to be.