Minimise Dispute Issues in WA Strata Arrangements

If you are a first time occupier of a unit, apartment or even a commercial site you are probably all at sea with regard to the expectations and restraints of individuals who reside within the property.

If you have never lived or worked in this style of accommodation it would be wise to educate yourself with regard to these expectations so as to avoid conflict or possible legal proceedings that may incur a penalty.

Unlike the freedom you have when living in a house, there are certain obligations and behaviours that are expected in a shared environment.

The single biggest factor is the determining of common property. Most agreements will obviously incorporate any shared zones such as driveways, car parks, toilets, BBQ areas, gymnasiums, and pools. This is because everybody has an opportunity to enjoy these spaces.

Some of the grey areas regarding shared zones are things such as the guttering and storm water disposal. Who is responsible should the guttering need repair or not be channelling water in the correct manner?

This is why it is absolutely essential you make yourself aware of the by-laws that relate to your living environment. Making yourself aware will help you avoid or identify bad behaviour or habits.

Examples of By-Laws

A By-Law is a statutory contract. Infringements of this contract can lead to injunctions and claims for damages. For example:-

  • It would be inappropriate for the dumping of rubbish on shared zones to take place.
  • The making of excessive noise between certain hours can be prohibited.
  • Parking in areas not designated as parking can be prohibited.

As astute strata specialists we understand these by-laws can become quite complex and the interpretation of such wording as “reasonable steps” and “state of good repair” is open to the individual.

It is our goal to maintain efficient financial control and invest time with owners to provide the absolute support they crave

We strive to educate all residents and streamline all procedures to reduce any confusion that may arise and personally create an arrangement that offers peace of mind to all.

These arrangements are constantly reviewed to ascertain if they are still relevant and keeping up with the market demands.

WA Strata Management possess a combined 70-year wealth of knowledge in this business and as a member of the Strata Community Australia (SCA) we are able to keep up with these trends.