Investing the Easy Way

Whether it be for retirement or to safeguard against the loss of your regular income we all understand the importance of creating a nest egg for our future.

It does not matter which government possesses leadership at any given time; there is always the threat of more taxes, lower incomes and no pension.

What you can guarantee is that with each leadership change there is an adjustment in the way things are done.

If you are interested in building a real estate portfolio to ensure your future is safe, convenient strata management may be the answer you have been seeking says a spokesman from WA Strata Management

You don’t need to live in Perth or its surrounding serviced areas of Bunbury, Busselton, Mandurah, Dunsborough, Margaret River, Augusta and beyond to take advantage of the expertise we have to offer.

Let us take the stress and worry out of your investment portfolio. Our skilled and experienced staff keep up to date moment by moment on current legislation requirements and bylaws whilst managing the intricacies of:-

  • Calculating contributions;
  • Managing trust accounts;
  • Maintaining all insurance issues;
  • Preparing accurate budgets;
  • Arranging maintenance of common property;
  • Attending and chairing appropriate meetings;
  • Arranging payment of all outgoings and fees;
  • Plus much, much more.

Easy Payment Options for You

We are all very busy and most of us choose not to waste time. To make things even easier we have a range of options for you to select from when making your payments.

You may choose to use Australia Post as your preferred method of payment as you can find a post office just about anywhere these days.

If you prefer to set and forget your payments you can take advantage of the online Services of DEFT Payment Systems, which allows you to register the bank account of your choice be it a savings account, Visa or MasterCard. DEFT Payment Systems will then look after the rest for you, leaving your time free to pursue a more fulfilling interest.

With a 24-hour account access with us you are able to check in whenever you have the time. You may be half way across the world when it is midnight here in Perth and be able to view and adjust your invoices and payments as you feel appropriate.

Give our friendly experienced staff a call now to discuss these great benefits and many more.