High Quality Tourist Accommodation Needs Professional Management

Planning for a holiday is always exciting, and the destination and type of accommodation are usually the first decisions to be made. The beach is always a favourite destination for Australians, as our love affair with the ocean and all it has to offer shows no signs of abating. For those lucky enough to make the trek across to Western Australia, Busselton beckons with a range of accommodation options, stunning scenery, historical attractions and welcoming residents.

Busselton – a Very Brief History

Busselton was founded in 1832 by the Bussell family and quickly grew from a cattle station to a settlement, on the strength of the superior farming and cattle country surrounding it. It was also located close to superb timber country and, by 1850, timber was being exported from purpose-built jetties at three centres in the area. The Busselton Jetty is the only one remaining and is one of the town’s major attractions. It is 1.84 metres long and said to be the longest wooden jetty in the Southern Hemisphere.

Spread along the length of Geographe Bay, this beautiful location is sheltered from the extremes of the Indian Ocean while still providing the opportunity to enjoy swimming, fishing, snorkelling, diving and other water sports. A narrow urban strip 15 km long and 1 km wide offers accommodation that suits all tastes. There are camping and caravan parks, B&Bs, resorts, hotels, guest houses, apartments and strata units.

Holiday Accommodation Creates Challenges for Strata Management

One of the challenges of maintaining the high standards that attract visitors to Busselton is keeping the accommodation fresh, clean, serviced and well maintained. WA Strata Management provides services that can assist the many strata companies in Busselton to keep it high on the list of desirable destinations in Western Australia. They provide qualified and experienced strata management professionals who manage the day-to-day operations of unit and apartment complexes on behalf of the strata company.

Strata companies that manage units used for holiday accommodation face special challenges arising from the continuous flow of new people through the complex. This is not a situation unique to Busselton. It is faced by every strata manager looking after units that are rented out for holidays by absentee owners. Under professional strata management strata companies are able to anticipate some of the likely issues and have guidelines in place for holiday makers to enjoy themselves without encroaching on others.

Busselton has much to offer visitors, whether they are staying for a few days or a few weeks. The underwater observatory on the Busselton Jetty gives access to the astounding varieties of fish and soft coral that would normally only be seen by divers and snorkelers. Up to 40 people at a time can enter the observatory which is 8 metres below the surface. Since its opening in December 2003, thousands of people have taken advantage of this unique opportunity to interact with over 300 species of fish and ocean life.

This ongoing growth in tourist numbers continues to create demand for quality visitor accommodation. The flow-on effect is an increasing demand for the services of WA Strata Management and their team of professional strata managers. With Busselton no longer the best kept secret in Western Australia, strata company members should visit their website at www.wastrata.com to get themselves organised before they are overrun with tourists.