Group Living – an Exercise in Managing Complex Arrangements

Whenever a group of humans live in close proximity to each other, there always seems to be a need for structure and rules to allow them to co-exist in relative harmony. From those youthful days in student accommodation to our final years in aged care, we are always looking for solutions to the challenges of group living.

Perhaps the very individuality that makes us human creates the need for a common set of rules everyone can follow. Whatever the reason, throw into the mix the actual ownership of the places we live in, and humans can become very territorial. It is little wonder, then, that there is a continually expanding need for our services.

Professional Management Protects Every Owner

We are WA Strata Management, a company that manages strata schemes on behalf of the owners. Our role is to perform all administrative, financial, clerical and advisory services within the bounds of the power delegated to us by the Council. Our professional staff members are trained to manage all classes of strata properties so that unit owners can enjoy their property without being involved in daily operational matters.

From long experience we can safely say that these arrangements create much more harmonious living environments than those where the owners are directly involved in running the premises. A complex mix of ownership types that is not well managed creates the perfect opportunity for those more volatile and vocal members to override the wishes of other, more reserved, owners.

How Many Different Types of Ownership Are There?

There are as many different types of ownership in a large apartment complex as there are in any other block of real estate. Some strata properties are owned by self-managed superannuation funds, some are held in family trusts, others have been purchased by friends or siblings as tenants-in-common, some have one owner while others are held by two people as joint tenants.

These are not all the possible configurations but give some indication of the variety of options people have when they are purchasing real estate. Put these together in ownership of part of a residential building, and it becomes clear that universal agreement on any subject would be a miracle. There would always be a dissenting vote, and for this reason, rules and by-laws are developed and supported by legislation to enable everyone to access their rights under law.

Individual Management Plans Restore Harmony

It is the management of this complexity that forms the core of our business. We recognise that all residential situations are different, and no single modus operandi fits every scheme. They are all as individual as the property owners, and we treat them this way by designing a management plan that suits the situation.

With all this in place, we are able to manage any residential complex efficiently for the benefit of the owners. The staff at WA Strata Management can maintain a harmonious environment in group living situations, regardless of the level of ownership complexity.