Experience, Service and Skills – We Offer the Lot

The number of strata properties is increasing every year as people find this style of living more suited to a busy lifestyle than a free standing property that requires regular upkeep and yard maintenance. Owner/occupiers enjoy the security of living close to neighbours and investors who may live interstate or overseas know that their valuable investment is being looked after by the on-site staff.

Large Complexes Require Structure and Regulations

There are many residential complexes in existence now that have hundreds of units or apartments in multiple lot schemes. Anyone who has lived in one of these complexes knows that they are just like a small town, and as with any town where hundreds of people live closely with each other, there must be rules and regulations. Without this structure and level of control, issues can get out of hand and very quickly become volatile unless there is some form of authority.

We are a strata management company with years of experience at looking after the day-to-day running of grouped housing. Our team at WA Strata Management provide a quality service to our clients, the elected Councils that are responsible for carrying out the executive actions as required by law. We take a personal approach to looking after our clients, and we achieve this by working hard to build sound relationships with the Councils we serve.

Providing Exceptional Service to Our Clients is Our Mission

We believe that service is the key to our success, and we back up that belief with well-trained and knowledgeable staff members who know and understand the legislation and regulations surrounding strata schemes. This unique style of owning property is not new, but it creates its own challenges and one of these is the complexity of the ownership arrangements and the governing legislation. Our team members are experienced in all aspects of group titles governance, and this gives our clients the confidence to leave operational issues to us.

Efficient financial control is vital for the on-going success of any group scheme. When we start with a new client providing professional body corporate management, setting up financial systems based on proven accounting standards and practices is our first priority. We provide a comprehensive range of regular services that keep the complex operating at maximum efficiency. We also offer special services where needed as a value-added option. These include wage and tax related duties, issuing notices of meetings, attending meetings, preparing and circulating minutes, serving notices and collecting and banking contributions.

Our goal here at WA Strata Management is to look after the details so that the Council members and lot owners can enjoy the benefits of this increasingly popular style of living. We are happy to provide information on request and to meet with any Council interested in our services.