Councils of Strata Companies Buckling Under the Strain

Have you just been elected to the Council of your strata company and suddenly realised the level of responsibility that the Council bears for sound management of the company? If you didn’t know before, you are now aware that as an elected Councillor you have similar duties and responsibilities that are usually attributed to a company director. You also have a similar level of authority and accountability to the owners, as well as a duty of care that impacts on the strata company and also on any appointed manager.

As scary as this sounds this is not a role that needs to be a burden or that people have to struggle through without assistance. There is so much legislation around the establishment and on-going management of strata companies that it’s very difficult for the Councillors, who often are not familiar with all the legal requirements, to know for certain that they have everything covered. Enter WA Strata Management, a professional and experienced strata management organisation that assists Councils to discharge their duty of care and meet their legislative responsibilities.

WA Strata Management is a member of the Strata Titles Institute of WA and as a member is bound by a code of ethics based on professionalism, honesty and integrity. Their website shows that the company has been “managing strata properties from Karratha to Margaret River since 1991,” an enviable record that makes WA Strata Management the industry leader in strata management and body corporate services in Western Australia.

“We believed as a Council that the best way to discharge our duty of care was to appoint a professional, experienced strata management company to assist us. After discussions with WA Strata Management we were quite confident we had found the right group of people with the skills and experience we needed to make sure our complex would run smoothly, and all legislative requirements would be met.”

The added benefit of using a professional strata management company is that they are able to nominate an experienced staff member to provide the services agreed between the strata management company and the Council. This person performs a wide range of duties but essentially their overriding duty is to help the strata company make and implement business decisions. Managing a large residential complex is equivalent to managing a business, with all the same financial and administration skills and systems required. Just like a business, there needs to be strategic and financial plans and budgets developed, and these are areas that require a professional approach.

“None of the Council members were prepared to take on those additional duties. We have a large complex that needs to be run like a business. We’ve already had a couple of situations where we’ve made decisions as a Council, but haven’t followed through properly because we’re all busy. That got a few of the owners off side, so it was time to hand it all over to professionals. It was the best move we ever made. Everything runs like clock-work, we get regular financial reports and all the maintenance is up to date.”

WA Strata Management is a reliable company with an excellent reputation. Their strata title managers are fully qualified and regularly undergo specialist training to update their skills and knowledge to keep pace with changes to legislation and business practices. It’s the best way for your Council to discharge their duty of care.