Is Your Building Struggling to Meet Increasing Client Expectations?

We are fortunate to be among those countries of the world with a high standard of living. We have excellent health, education and justice systems, a safe and stable environment in which to live, opportunities to work and improve ourselves and living conditions that are luxurious when compared with others. Our expectations of what is acceptable accommodation have risen with each successive generation, and we do not appreciate any lessening of those standards.

High Expectations in Accommodation Standards

This is not necessarily a problem in group living situations providing our expectations are met, but keeping up those standards can be difficult without the right management structures in place. A strata company managing a complex with multiple owners and tenants, for example, can quickly find that what they thought would be easy is actually hard work.

This is one of the main reasons why many building councils outsource their daily operations to companies like ours. WA Strata Management removes the burden of managing the building through the skills and experience of our professional strata staff.

Professional Management Offers Better Service than DIY

Along with a range of compliance, procedural and administrative tasks, our people have extensive contacts with tradespeople and contractors who provide services such as cleaning, pool maintenance, mowing and clean linen exchange. These and other services are essential in providing the standard of accommodation owners and tenants except in their living arrangements.

When a Council tries to look after these tasks themselves they are immediately at a disadvantage because they usually do not have access to contact details of competent and reliable service providers. Maintenance tasks must be performed to the highest standards every time, as a large building complex can very quickly look unkempt when the work is rushed or attention is not paid to the fine details.

Presentation and Attention to Detail Keeps Common Areas Inviting

Our professional strata managers know the level of service and standard of presentation expected by guests, owners and tenants. When outsourcing cleaning or maintenance work, they use service providers whose work they know and trust. They also check with building occupiers that the work has been done to their satisfaction.

This attention to detail is essential for the building and common areas to remain clean, tidy and ready for use by anyone authorised. Some complexes have tennis courts, swimming pools, indoor sports facilities and outdoor entertainment areas. These need to be kept clean and ready for use at any time. This is a huge task but one that in a professionally managed building is just expected as part of the overall accommodation standard.

These are standards that we fully support at WA Strata Management. This is what our clients expect, and it is precisely what we intend to deliver.