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Is Your Building Struggling to Meet Increasing Client Expectations?

We are fortunate to be among those countries of the world with a high standard of living. We have excellent health, education and justice systems, a safe and stable environment in which to live, opportunities to work and improve ourselves and living conditions that are luxurious when compared with others. Our expectations of what is acceptable accommodation have risen with each successive generation, and we do not appreciate any lessening of those standards.

Multiple Payment Methods Encourage Prompt Payment of Invoices

With group living being one of the largest growing sectors of the housing market, apartment blocks catering to this demand are common. Now it is not unusual for several hundred people to be living together in what is almost a small town. This poses many challenges for those charged with the responsibility of keeping such a complex running smoothly.

Compliant Fire Procedures Protect Multi-Unit High Rise Dwellings

We see many examples in the media of the consequences of fires in homes and high-rise dwellings around the world. Many incidents end in tragic loss of life and those that don’t incur major financial cost and disruption to normal routines. In countries with little or no fire regulation this is not surprising, but here in Australia we can do better.

Moving Into A New Building? Follow The Bylaws And You’ll Fit In

Moving into a new area is always exciting and an excellent opportunity to find great new places to shop, eat, work and socialise. If you are moving into a large group living complex, there are even more new things to discover as you check out the common areas to see what sort of facilities are available to you.

I Want to Run a Business from My Apartment – Problem?

The internet and smart phone technology has revolutionised our society, with changes happening quickly that have affected both our social and work lives. Many people now are self-employed, with much of that business being conducted from their own homes. For those who live in traditional detached housing, this is not such a problem, but how does it affect people in strata living situations?