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Self Managing a Strata Scheme Fraught with Risk and Liability

Self managing a strata scheme is often suggested by members who think that by running their complex themselves, they will save money. Certainly they will not have to pay management fees, but they immediately expose themselves to considerable liability if they neglect any essential tasks. Imagine for example, the anguish, stress and financial loss, and personal recriminations, if the building insurance lapsed and there was a major fire.

Buyer Education Needed to Fully Benefit From Apartment Living

To older Australians, it doesn’t seem all that long ago that the only experience they had of people who lived in apartments was confined to actors in American movies. Some apartments were glamorous and spacious while others were the stereotypical slum housing with families crammed into tiny areas and washing hanging everywhere. Times certainly have changed, and now in Australia, more and more people are embracing apartment or townhouse living.

Reducing Disputes in Strata Situations Requires Lateral Thinking

First-time purchasers of a unit or apartment who have previously lived in freehold dwellings often find this new style of living a challenge. It is not so much about the close proximity to neighbours, as this is only to be expected. What they find difficult is getting used to living within the confines of the by-laws set by the Council. Where previously they could make their own decisions about their property, they now have to consult others.


Major changes to strata laws in Western Australia are under government consideration following the successful implementation of similar changes in New South Wales. It is widely recognised that the current laws are outdated and in need of reform; also, there is broad support for this to happen.

Why Australians are Embracing Apartment and Townhouse Living

The great Australian dream, reminiscent of the classic Aussie film “The Castle”, is fast becoming a thing of the past with the changing way of life for many Australians. In 2014, there were two apartment blocks being built for every five houses, and the trend continues, demonstrating the vast change in the housing choices that Australians are choosing for themselves. This trend towards more Australian’s embracing apartment and townhouse living can be attributed to a number of different aspects of social evolution, as WA Strata Management has found in its work with apartment owners.

How To Keep Your Property In Top Condition To Avoid Future Expense

With our experience in the property business, WA Strata Management knows that as a property owner, it is up to you to ensure that your property is kept in the best condition that it can be, for as long as possible. This means taking care of the little things along the way, to avoid them becoming expensive repair jobs down the track. Following a few simple guidelines and regularly checking for what needs doing will assist you in keeping your property in top condition throughout its life.

Managing A Large Block Of Apartments Requires Skilled Staff

Registered owners of lots in a strata company have unlimited liability for any losses or debts incurred by this legal entity. This should be an issue of concern, especially for those owners who do not occupy their premises but rent them out as an investment. They have a large vested interest in ensuring that the residential complex where their asset is located is being managed by experienced professionals.

What Does A Strata Council Do?

Buying a unit in a group housing scheme is an attractive alternative to buying single lot housing for many people. However, all owners are responsible for how the complex is managed, and this is usually achieved by forming a strata council, made up of owners and elected by them.

Group Living – an Exercise in Managing Complex Arrangements

Whenever a group of humans live in close proximity to each other, there always seems to be a need for structure and rules to allow them to co-exist in relative harmony. From those youthful days in student accommodation to our final years in aged care, we are always looking for solutions to the challenges of group living.