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Special Strata Management Services Available by Design

With thousands of strata schemes in existence with a varied mix of facilities, and Councils with differing compositions, it is inevitable that the range of services required of strata management companies will differ substantially from one scheme to the next. For many schemes only regular strata management services in compliance with current legislation will be required. For others with additional needs, there is a range of special strata services offered by WA Strata Management to organise and simplify the strata management process.

Strata Management vs. Property Management

With the whole concept of strata management often a cause for confusion, it is not surprising that this same confusion extends to understanding the difference between property management and the former. To think that they are the same is not correct, although there are some similarities. The key difference begins with the term ‘strata’ and what that means.

Popularity of Strata Properties Increasing in Dunsborough

A three-hour drive south of Perth will take you to Dunsborough, a popular family holiday destination on the calm shores of Geographe Bay. Not only is Dunsborough situated in the heart of some of Western Australia’s most beautiful swimming and surfing beaches, but also a convenient jumping off point for the exquisite Margaret River region and all it has to offer. Once a sleepy, little town that only woke up during holiday season, Dunsborough is now a thriving tourist centre all year round.

Definition of Common Property in Strata Schemes Not So Clear

People familiar with the concept of strata schemes generally have a broad understanding of the definition of the term “common property” and take it to mean any part of the land and buildings that are not included in any lot owned individually. They may identify items such as tennis courts, swimming pools, boundary fencing, driveways, gardens and landscaping, barbeque areas and the like. In many cases this would be correct, but equally there are many cases where this is incorrect.

Tourism Growth Drives Demand for High Quality Apartment Accommodation

Chosen by Lonely Planet as one of the world’s top ten destinations in 2010, Australia’s south west offers remarkable diversity in a pristine environment only now being discovered by non-locals. On the coastal edge of this region sits the town of Dunsborough, a popular holiday destination for Western Australians that has undergone significant growth over the past ten years. An easy three-hour drive south of Perth, Dunsborough grew gradually out of a small settlement first established in the late 1830s, but not officially gazetted until 1879.

High Quality Tourist Accommodation Needs Professional Management

Planning for a holiday is always exciting, and the destination and type of accommodation are usually the first decisions to be made. The beach is always a favourite destination for Australians, as our love affair with the ocean and all it has to offer shows no signs of abating. For those lucky enough to make the trek across to Western Australia, Busselton beckons with a range of accommodation options, stunning scenery, historical attractions and welcoming residents.

Strata Schemes – An Overview

Strata schemes provide a legal and structured way for grouped housing in a residential context, and have also proved to be very practical for commercial and industrial applications. The concept of strata schemes centres around multiple dwellings occupying the same parcel of land within a defined boundary. They can be high-rise apartments or units, townhouses, […]

Choosing a Strata Management Company

As the trend towards strata living continues across all Australian states, and the legislation controlling these ownership and living arrangements becomes more complex, the emergence of professional strata management companies is relieving more and more Councils and bodies corporate of the stress of operational management of these legal entities. Regulatory changes require corresponding changes to management processes, so being able to leave these fine details up to a professional organisation brings peace of mind to the owners. Under the legislative structure owners have unlimited liability for losses or debts of the strata company, so proper management is vital to the financial well-being of all owners.

Councils of Strata Companies Buckling Under the Strain

Have you just been elected to the Council of your strata company and suddenly realised the level of responsibility that the Council bears for sound management of the company? If you didn’t know before, you are now aware that as an elected Councillor you have similar duties and responsibilities that are usually attributed to a company director. You also have a similar level of authority and accountability to the owners, as well as a duty of care that impacts on the strata company and also on any appointed manager.

Protect Everyone’s Interests with Regular Building Maintenance

Maintenance is one of those concepts that usually attract polar opposites in terms of general philosophy. In the one camp are the preventative supporters, who understand that regular, on-going maintenance to a pre-arranged schedule is the best way to keep property in top condition and avoid future expense. In the other camp are the reactive types who believe that maintenance is a waste of money as the item will break down eventually, and money should be conserved and kept aside to replace it when this happens. In between is the voice of reason that says both sides are right to a certain degree.