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No Pets May Not Mean No Pets

Accurate Body Corporate services are a must in this day and age. WA Strata Management are specialists in this field. We understand the ins and outs of the bylaws and conditions that revolve around living in a community style environment.

Make Fire Safety a Priority

House fires can have a devastating effect on the lives of those living on the property and to those closest to them if lives are lost. It is vitally important to stay on top of fire safety and related maintenance.

Investing the Easy Way

Whether it be for retirement or to safeguard against the loss of your regular income we all understand the importance of creating a nest egg for our future.

Tenants and Landlords Both Need to Be Truthful

Property managers could be forgiven for thinking that being lied to is part of their job description. Our own intuitive radar has been telling us that for some time but now, evidence has emerged that supports what we have always believed. Both tenants and landlords bend the truth to suit their ends, and the property managers are caught in the middle.

Significant Difference in Roles of Strata vs. Property Managers

If you are considering buying a unit or apartment in a strata complex and are new to the concept, you are at the start of a steep learning curve. To get the most out of this experience understand that there are quite a few things that are different when living in this environment. One of the most important is to accept that when you buy into this type of living arrangement, you are legally responsible for many things that are often outside your control.

All Lot Owners Responsible for Common Property Maintenance

Living in close quarters and sharing costs and responsibilities sounds like a very community-minded approach to addressing the problems associated with urban sprawl. Group title living arrangements such as retirement villages or an apartment complex benefit the owners of individual lots in economies of scale. The costs of maintaining common areas are shared in proportion to lot ownership, and there is always someone handy to help out in emergency situations.

Experience, Service and Skills – We Offer the Lot

The number of strata properties is increasing every year as people find this style of living more suited to a busy lifestyle than a free standing property that requires regular upkeep and yard maintenance. Owner/occupiers enjoy the security of living close to neighbours and investors who may live interstate or overseas know that their valuable investment is being looked after by the on-site staff.

Strata Management Solutions

When designing a strata management solution it is important to employ a team of specialists with a proven programme. Convenient body corporate management is within your grasp with WA Strata Management.

Strata Laws Necessary for Comfort When Living at Close Quarters

Living under a strata title arrangement is a very different environment from living in a free-standing dwelling occupying an entire block of land. There is the convenience of having a manager to look after the common areas such as swimming pools, recreation areas, stairwells, driveways and gardens. However, there is also a requirement to abide by the state legislation covering strata companies and also the by-laws and rules established by the strata company.