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Rock Solid Ethics Essential To Group Living Management

Strata companies are created automatically on registration of the strata/strata-survey plan when titles are issued. Subsequently, councils are elected by lot owners to protect their properties and to ensure the smooth running and operation of facilities and common areas. Most councils, especially in very large building complexes, delegate their duties to strata managers who have the organisational and administrative skills needed to be effective in this role.

Large Apartment Buildings Function Better Under Professional Management

Living in a strata scheme is the type of accommodation arrangement that is becoming increasingly attractive to Australians, especially younger people who are busy with careers and other pursuits. However, the key to enjoying unit or apartment living is occupying a building complex that is well-managed, with clear rules for the use of common areas.

Buying Strata? Don’T Be Afraid To Ask Questions

It is often said that the best way to get the right answer is to ask the right question, and while this may seem to be self-evident, it is not as quite that simple. Asking the right questions requires the questioner to have a reasonable level of knowledge about the subject matter. When the subject is strata laws, and the questioner is a potential buyer looking at an apartment or unit, it helps to have someone who knows what questions to ask.

Strata Management Service – Increases Property Values

Since the beginning of human civilisation, property ownership has always offered safety and security. Whether the dwelling was as humble as a mud hut or something larger inhabited by the wealthy, a place to live was essential to survival. It provided storage for possessions, a safe place to sleep and eat, away from predators and somewhere to raise a family.

Want To Keep A Pet In Shared Accommodation? Read On!

In Australia in 2016, more people than ever before are living close together in apartment buildings, units and duplexes. Having neighbours in close proximity is great for security and cost sharing, but it can be difficult if some of them are uncaring about how their actions impact on others. Building bylaws seek to control these behaviours including the keeping of pets in group-living situations. Some buildings will allow them, but many will not.

Confusion Reigns – Every State Does Its Own Thing

Strata schemes are common throughout Australia and although the concept of group title is universal, the legislation underpinning its operation differs in each state. The development of strata law began as an ad hoc response to growing urbanisation; initially; it was managed through existing legislation, an approach that was not particularly effective. The first specific legislation occurred in Victoria and it was called the Transfer of Land (Stratum Estates) Act 1960.

Stress Less: Ways Of Managing Finance And Maintenance Of A Strata Company

Depending on the size of the Strata Company that you are looking after you may find that you will need to employ some new management techniques to keep up with the workload, or delegate out to a relevant party. When Strata Schemes become too complex often it may prove to be the best idea to find a good strata manager who can take over and handle the day to day running of the business. A great strata manager such as WA Strata Management will tailor a management program specifically to your business to ensure that you are getting the best for your company.

Operational Management Of Legal Entities

With the changing face of business and an uncertain business environment during recent years, there is an increased need for businesses to address operational management of legal entities. There is a focus on businesses needing to simplify compliance, reduce risks, improve transparency and find ways of saving costs and improving outcomes. Strata Management companies such as WA Strata Management have identified that an important factor in the supervision of legal entities is through simplifying processes of management of legal entities. Following a step by step process provides a framework for businesses to implement these new strategies and greatly improve operational administration of legal entities.

Want A Greater Say In How Your Property Is Run?

Whether you are a first home buyer or an experienced property investor with a substantial portfolio, the decision to purchase any type of real estate is an important one involving considerable sums of money. It seems logical then, that someone looking for a property would take great care to investigate all the various ways to go about choosing the ideal type and location.

Benefits Of Having A Professional Strata Manager

The complexities of the Strata Titles Act 1975, and its technical language, can be challenging to understand and interpret, which poses an issue for owners of strata titled properties in knowing exactly what their required duties and powers are, in relation to the Act.