Why Australians are Embracing Apartment and Townhouse Living

The great Australian dream, reminiscent of the classic Aussie film “The Castle”, is fast becoming a thing of the past with the changing way of life for many Australians. In 2014, there were two apartment blocks being built for every five houses, and the trend continues, demonstrating the vast change in the housing choices that Australians are choosing for themselves. This trend towards more Australian’s embracing apartment and townhouse living can be attributed to a number of different aspects of social evolution, as WA Strata Management has found in its work with apartment owners.

Rising Population

The population growth in Australia means that there are more people needing housing, and many more people moving towards the cities to find work, as employment opportunities evolve with new technologies. One of the simplest ways of accommodating the rising population in terms of the available space is to build more apartment and townhouses, which can house more people per square metre than regular housing.

Changing Face of the Family Dynamic

The nuclear family of two parents and 2.5 children is no longer the norm in the society today, with more couples opting to remain childless, and many others choosing to have fewer children than they once did. As a result, the need for houses to accommodate larger families is not as important, so many families are inclined to choose apartment or townhouse living as a more economical alternative.

Busy Lifestyles

In terms of the way that people use their time, lifestyles have changed over time, and many people are finding themselves time poor, and unable to keep up with the maintenance of their own homes. A positive aspect of apartment and townhouse living is the ability to enjoy the benefits of having a swimming pool and landscaped gardens, without the need for being personally responsible for the maintenance requirements. Because apartments and townhouses are under a strata title they are usually managed by a body corporate, with a fee paid to a central organisation that is responsible for the upkeep of the communal surroundings. Clients of WA Strata Management have found that embracing apartment and townhouse living is an affordable way of enjoying excellent facilities while having more time for doing other things they want to do.